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Application service analysis and maintenance using maps

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Application service analysis and maintenance using maps

Service Mapping creates maps to help you see the architecture and organization of application services. These maps are useful for planning change or migration, as well as analyzing the continuity and availability of services.

The maps are useful in the following cases:

Planning the migration of an entire application service or its segments
Use the map to see which configuration items (CIs) need relocating or which CIs become redundant.
Planning the upgrade or replacement of a CI
Check the map to see what other CIs are affected when the CI is non-operational during maintenance. You can assess and plan the downtime or make provisions to avoid the downtime.

Because the same CI may be used for multiple application services, check the CI using the Dependency Views application. With this application, you can see all application services that a CI belongs to.

Analyzing a application service for high availability and continuity
Use the map to identify CIs crucial for the service performance. Decide if you want to fortify these CIs by creating clusters.
Troubleshooting business services
Use the map to understand the impact of an issue and determine which CI is causing the problem.