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Application service mapping

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Application service mapping

You can perform initial mapping of multiple or single application services in your organization using a method that best suits you.

You can map application services after you complete the Service Mapping setup.

Figure 1. Service Mapping workflow

Initial mapping of business services as part of the Service Mapping workflow

A typical organization has hundreds of application services. Mapping each of them individually can be time and effort consuming. With Service Mapping, you can map most IT services in bulk. Mapping multiple application services at once is very effective, but is not precise. You may need to individually map application services omitted during bulk mapping.

A discovery method depends on how you have been managing your application services prior to mapping them and what information about them you gathered:
  • Map multiple application services suggested by Service Mapping

    Service Mapping uses load balancers on your network to identify possible application services (candidates). You can map all or selected candidate in bulk, creating multiple application services in a single operation. This method suits your organization if you do not have much information about application services.

  • Map multiple application services from a CSV file

    This method suits you if your organization has performed cross-organization mapping and analysis and collected some information about planned application services. If so, you can organize the collected information in a specific order and save it as a CSV file. Service Mapping extracts information from this file and creates potential application services referred to as service candidates.

  • Map a single application service

    You can map individual, single application services one by one by defining attributes for each application service. Use this mapping method for application services Service Mapping cannot discover during bulk mapping. You must know or plan to find out application service attributes necessary for mapping.