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Application services

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Application services

An application service is a set of interconnected applications and hosts which are configured to offer a service to the organization. Application services can be internal, like an organization email system or customer-facing, like an organization website.

ServiceNow applications refer to devices and applications that comprise an application service as configuration items (CIs). The various CIs and the relationships between them, that comprise an application service, are stored in the CMDB.

In the base system, you can manually create an application service and then populate it by adding CIs and their relationships from the CMDB. The system generates a map which shows the CIs and relationships in the application service. The system also tracks changes to application service and shows the history of those changes in the application service map.

All application services that you create manually or by using an API, or that are discovered by Service Mapping, are stored in the Application Service [cmdb_ci_service_discovered] table.

Activating Service Mapping or Event Management provides additional functionality for creating, updating, and using application services.

Domain separation

Domain separation, if deployed, impacts application services as follows:

  • When creating an application service, the application service is assigned to the user's domain.
  • When manually adding a CI to an application service, you can choose only CIs that belong to the service domain.
  • When using the createOrUpdateService - POST REST API for creating or updating an application service, the process stops if one of the CIs referenced in the API belongs to a different domain than the application service itself.
  • When converting business services into application services, the newly created application service belongs to the same domain as the original business service. The application service comprises only CIs belonging to the same domain as the application service itself.

Application services APIs

Application services provide several APIs that you can use to perform tasks such as creating an application service or adding a CI or a connection to an application service. See Use application services APIs for details about all application service APIs.

Service Mapping

If activated, Service Mapping discovers application services and automatically populates application services with discovered application and host CIs. If Service Mapping is activated, then an application service can comprise of manually added CIs and Service Mapping discovered CIs. Service Mapping creates and updates application services by communicating with individual CIs in the CMDB and identifying connections between the CIs. Service Mapping stores information about discovered CIs and relationships in the CMDB.

Event Management

Application services are associated with a criticality level which determines the prominence of an application service on the Event Management dashboard. You can also use a criticality value to define recovery strategies. For more information, see Define criticality for application services.