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View root cause alert for an automated alert group

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View root cause alert for an automated alert group

If root cause analysis (RCA) is applied to automated alert groups, then you can view the identified root cause alert within the group. This helps identify the root cause CI when troubleshooting a problem.

Before you begin

The sa_analytics.agg.learner_rca_detection property must be set to true to enable RCA for automated alert groups.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Console.
  2. Enable the Group Timeline view.
  3. Identify the automated alert group for which you want to view root cause alert.
    In the list view, automated alert groups are noted by an Event Management icon icon in the Group column, and the value is Automated.
  4. Click Event Management icon to open the hierarchical list of alerts in the group.
    Root cause alerts are noted as a star on the timeline.