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View automated alert groups

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View automated alert groups

View automated alert groups from the Event Management dashboard, the Alert Console, or a business service map. Automated alert groups are displayed in a list view, and are included in the timeline view in the Alert Console. When displaying an automated alert group that is associated with services, the impacted services are displayed and you can view the root cause CI if applicable.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_user

About this task

In the Alert Console, from each automated alert group in the list view or in the timeline view, you can drill down to view all the alerts that are included in that group. The overall severity of an automated alert group corresponds to the highest alert severity within the alert group. The color that is associated with a automated alert group represents its severity.

The Event Management dashboard does not let you drill down to view further details of an automated alert group.


  1. To display all automated alert groups:
    1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Console.
      In the list view, automated alert groups are noted by an Event Management icon icon in the Group column, and the value is Automated.
    2. Click the Event Management icon icon for a parent alert to open the hierarchical list of alerts for an automated alert group.
      For details about the alert form, see View alert information
  2. To display automated alert groups that are associated with the services displayed on the Event Management dashboard:
    1. Navigate to Event Management > Dashboard.
    2. Enable Correlated Alerts.
    3. In the list view, automated alert groups are noted by an Event Management icon icon in the Group column.

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