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Create a technical service

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Create a technical service

A technical service is a dynamic grouping of configuration items (CIs), based on some common criteria. For example, you can create a technical service based on the location of all web servers in Detroit or all Oracle databases in Boston.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

Use the technical services form to create user defined collections of CIs.
Note: A technical service contains CIs. However, a technical service cannot contain other services.

This video explains Event Management basics, including showing how to create a technical service.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Services > Technical Services.
    Technical Services (TBS)
  2. Click New.
  3. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Technical Service form
    Field Description
    Name The business service name.
    Business criticality The importance of this service to the business. This field can determine disaster recovery strategies for this service.
    • 1 - most critical
    • 2 - somewhat critical
    • 3 - less critical
    • 4 - not critical
    Owned by The party that is responsible for the business service.
    Email Enter the email address of the owner who is responsible for this business service in the organization.
    Business phone Enter the business phone number of the owner who is responsible for this business service in the organization.
    Operational status The status of the business service.
    • Operational: The business service is running. Impact calculation runs only on services in the Operational status.

      Select this option to use this business service. If you customized preconfigured options for this category, select the option whose value is set to 1. Event Management calculates impact only on business services in use.

      To use this business service at a later time, select one of these options:
    • Non-Operational: The business service is unavailable, disabled, or down.
    • DR Standby: The business service is available as a disaster recovery (DR) standby.
    • Repair in Progress: The business service is receiving maintenance.
    Comments Any additional notes and information.
  4. Select a source table and specify the criteria for the technical service query.
    Field Description
    Table Name of source table to be searched.

    You can use autocomplete to locate table names, or select the appropriate table from the list.

    Filter Specify the criteria for determining the values from the specified source table to be displayed:
    1. Specify the filter condition.
    2. Choose the relevant operator.
    3. Choose the input field.
    4. Choose the operator.
    5. Choose the input value.
    If the filter configuration returns too many records, you can limit the number of records that are returned by setting the value of the sa.qbs.max_num_of_cis property. By default, the technical service size is limited to 10,000 elements and the result view is truncated.
  5. Click Submit.