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Choose and configure metrics to monitor

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Choose and configure metrics to monitor

Operational Intelligence uses data sources that can be monitoring hundreds of metrics for all CIs. Choose for each data source type which details are important for which CIs, and then activate or deactivate the respective monitor type to control the amount of data that is being processed.

Before you begin

See Get started with Operational Intelligence for the high level steps of setting up Operational Intelligence.

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

The SCOM data source, available by default, collects about 400 metric types from discovered devices such as '% Available Memory' and '% of Free Space'. Processing data from all metric types can overload the system and impact performance. It might be necessary to deactivate selected metric types for selected CIs to reduce that load.

Operational Intelligence scales as follows:
  • Processing of up to 10,000 CIs, with up to 20 metrics per CI, per minute.
  • An overall maximum of 200,000 active metrics.
Note: The Active setting (true or false) for a metric in the Monitoring System Metric Types [sa_source_metric_type] table takes precedence over the setting for the corresponding metric in the Metric To CI Mappings [sa_metric_map] table. If a metric type in the Monitoring System Metric Types [sa_source_metric_type] table is disabled, all records related to the corresponding metrics are removed from the Metric To CI Mappings [sa_metric_map] table.


  1. Navigate to Operational Intelligence > Configure > Metric Types.
    The Monitoring System Metric Types displays the metric types that are being collected per data source, per CI type.
  2. Review the Monitoring System Metric Types list, and set the value in the Active column to false or true as necessary.
    Column Description
    Source Data source monitoring the metric type.
    Source Metric Type Metric such as '% Free Space' that is being monitored for the CI type.
    Monitored Object Type CI type that is being monitored.
    Active Determines whether the metric data is processed by Event Management alert aggregation and RCA metrics.
    Unit Unit type that is associated with the source metric type, displayed in the Operational Intelligence reports.