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Automated Operational Intelligence setup

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Automated Operational Intelligence setup

When you initially set up Operational Intelligence, you can automate many of the setup steps. For example, the automated setup configures a MID Server for Operational Intelligence and creates a MID Server distributed cluster which contains that MID Server.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

When the following conditions are met, the related link Setup Operational Intelligence appears on the MID Server form, enabling automated setup:
  • The MID Server has been validated.
  • The MID Server is in a running state.
  • The property sa.metric.display.mid.setup.action is set to true (default value).
The Operational Intelligence automated setup performs the following setup tasks:
  1. Configures the MID Server with the OperationalIntelligence application
  2. Adds the Metrics capability to the MID Server
  3. Creates a new MID Server cluster of type ‘distributed’ set with a default port of 47100 for Apache Ignite
  4. Adds the MID Server to the new MID Server distributed cluster
  5. Creates an Operational Intelligence Metrics Extension and starts it
  6. Opens the Operational Intelligence Metrics Context form. On this form, you can click the Setup REST Listener UI action to create the MID Web Server extension configured with the ‘Enable REST Listener’ option and default port 8097

Use the Setup Operational Intelligence link only to create the first MID Server distributed cluster that contains a single MID Server, with default values. After the automated setup completes, you have to manually create any additional MID Server distributed clusters or add Operational Intelligence MID Servers.


  1. Navigate to MID Server > Servers.
  2. Click the MID Server that you want to configure as an Operational Intelligence MID Server.
  3. On the MID Server form, click Setup Operational Intelligence in the Related Links section.
  4. In the newly created Operational Intelligence Metrics Extension form, wait for Status to be 'Started'. Then, if configuring the MID Server for pushing click the UI action Setup REST Listener.
    A notification appears about the MID Web Server extension being created. The MID Web Server Extension field appears and Enable REST Listener is checked. You can preview the MID Web Server Extension record to verify that its Status is 'Started'.