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Event rules

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Event rules

Use event rules to generate alerts for tracking and remediation. Event rules are stored in the Event Rule [em_match_rule] table. Configure and customize event rules to manage events and alert generation.

Event rules do not change the event records in the Event table. Changes to event data are stored in the ServiceNow instance memory.

Use the Event rule designer to create and configure event rules. See the following video:

Event Management rule
You can use the default event rules or event rules that you have created to:
  • Apply an event rule filter to determine whether the rule applies to an event.
  • Apply a transform with Event Match Fields and optional Event Compose Fields to format the alert text.
  • Apply a threshold to create custom alerts for rapidly recurring events.
  • Automatically create or close alerts.
  • Bind alerts to CI information from the CMDB.
Note: Only one rule is applied to each event, according to the filter applied to the events. Multiple event rules do not apply to an event.