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Windows server cluster discovery

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Windows server cluster discovery

Discovery establishes the relationships between a Windows server cluster and its nodes.

When a Windows server is found, and Discovery detects that it is part of a cluster, the system launches the Windows - Cluster probe. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Probes and open the record for the Windows - Cluster probe to see the specific data Discovery collects.

Note: Discovery collects cluster resources based on the MSCluster_ResourceType WMI class. To see a list of default cluster resources, see Resource Types. To understand how cluster resources are related to process classifiers, see Relate the process classifier to Windows cluster resources.

Cluster data tables

Discovery creates CIs for clusters in these tables:
  • Windows Cluster [cmdb_ci_win_cluster]
  • Windows Cluster Resource(s) [cmdb_ci_win_cluster_resource]
  • Windows Cluster Node(s) [cmdb_ci_win_cluster_node]
  • Cluster Node Resource(s) [cmdb_ci_cluster_node_resource]
  • Cluster Virtual IP(s) [cmdb_ci_cluster_vip]

Cluster relationships

Discovery creates a CI Relationship [cmdb_rel_ci] record for each node, using these relationships:
  • Cluster of::Cluster: Relationship between the cluster nodes and the cluster. Service Mapping uses this relationship to map the Windows cluster and it's nodes.
  • Members::Member of: Relationship between the cluster and the cluster node.
  • Hosted on::Hosts: Relationship between the cluster nodes and the Windows server.
Figure 1. Windows cluster map
Windows cluster map
Figure 2. Windows cluster node relationships
Windows cluster node relationships

Cluster references

Discovery creates the following cluster references:
  • From Windows Cluster Nodes to the associated Windows Cluster.
  • From Windows Cluster Resources to the associated Windows Cluster.
  • From Cluster Virtual IPs to the associated Windows Cluster.
  • From Cluster Node Resources to the associated Windows Cluster Node.
Note: References are maintained in Discovery to provide backward compatibility for systems that use them.