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Discovery probe management

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Discovery probe management

Several discovery probes and their associated sensors are included with Discovery. You rarely need to modify probes or sensors. But you might need to set parameters to control the behavior of a particular probe or align versions of customized probes.

Note: With each release, patterns are replacing many probes and sensors for Discovery. Consider creating new patterns or editing existing ones if you want to customize what Discovery can find. The information on probes and sensors is intended for customers who are not using patterns yet and for customers who already have customized probes that are retained upon upgrade. See Patterns and horizontal discovery for more information on patterns.

What you can do

These are the things you can do with probes and sensors:

Review the base system probes
Review the List of Discovery probes to see the probes that exist in the base system. Probes need to be active on classifiers for Discovery to trigger the probes. However, not all probes are active on classifiers as more patterns replace probes and sensors. To see which patterns replace probes and sensors, see Pattern updates for the Madrid release.
Create or modify a probe
You can create a new probe to discover additional CIs that Discovery does not find with the base system probes or patterns, or modify an existing probe to collect additional information on the type of CI. After you create or modify a probe, test it. You can also create multiprobes and multisensors. See Create a Discovery multiprobe for more information.
Upgrade to the latest version of a probe or sensor
If you upgrade your instance, the Discovery application is also updated, along with components like probes and sensors. However, if you customized any probes or sensors, they do not upgrade. You need to copy your customizations to a text file, upgrade the probes and sensors, and reapply your customizations. See Align versions of customized probes and sensors for more information.
Set probe parameters
Probe parameters control several aspects about how probes function. With each probe provided in the base system, certain parameters are allowed. These are specified in the list of Discovery probes. See Set probe parameters for instructions on how to set a parameter.
Review probe permissions
Certain probes need permissions to run on the target machines or CIs that you are trying to discover. See Discovery probe permissions for more information.