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Discovery device history

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Discovery device history

The Devices related list in the Discovery Status form provides a summary list of all the devices scanned.

During a Discovery, the list tracks current and completed activity and displays an incremental scan counter. When Discovery is finished for a device, the final disposition is displayed in the Completed activity column. Successful Discoveries that result in updated or created CIs are highlighted in green. To view the log entries for errors (such as connection failure) on a specific device, click the Details link in the Issues column.

Figure 1. Discovery device list
Discovery device list

Click the IP address of a device in this list for details about that device. The log results for that device are displayed in the list at the bottom of the form.

Figure 2. Discovery device
Discovery device
The following fields are available in this form:
Field Input value
Source The IP address of the device discovered.
Completed activity Indicates the outcome of Discovery for this device or the last completed activity for a Discovery in progress, such as Identified CI. Successful outcomes are indicated in green.
Current activity The current scanning activity for this device for a Discovery in progress, such as Updating CI.
CMDB CI The name of this device as it appears in the CMDB.
Started The number of device-specific probes run. This number does not include the universal probes, Shazzam and Ping, that run initially.
Completed The number of sensor records created from the device-specific probes that were run.
Scan status Shows the final scan count of a completed Discovery or an incremental scan counter for a Discovery in progress. For example, Scan 17 of 19.
Issues Displays the number of issues encountered during Discovery of this device. Select the Discovery Log Related List to view these issues.
Fields that can be added by configuring the form:
DNS Names Displays DNS names for each discovered device.

If there were issues, or if Discovery failed to complete, click the Details link to view the log records for the issue. The failure of any probe is considered an issue, even if the device was eventually classified properly and updated in the CMDB.

Figure 3. Discovery details about a device
Discovery details about a device

Address scan data

When Discovery scans for IP addresses only (without credentials or identifiers), no updates are made to the CMDB. All IP addresses discovered appear on this list, including multiple IPs on the same device. The results of IP address scans include slightly different information than the results of a CI scan. Since there is no CMDB activity associated with the IP address scan, the Completed activity column displays only the classification status.

Possible statuses are:
  • Classified
  • Unclassified
  • Alive, not classified

For Classified devices, Discovery might identify the type of device in the Current activity column. For example, Network Gear might be classified as Cisco Network Gear, and a Computer might be classified as a Windows Computer.