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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) discovery

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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) discovery

Discovery identifies and classifies information about an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Discovery can identify and classify uninterruptible power supplies.

Table 1. Data collected by Discovery on uninterruptible power supplies
Label Table name Field name Source
Serial number cmdb_ci serial_number SNMP, various MIBs
Start date cmdb_ci start_date SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
Manufacturer cmdb_ci manufacturer SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
Model ID cmdb_ci model_id SNMP, RFC1213 MIB
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address SNMP, IP MIB
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address SNMP, IF MIB
UPS software version cmdb_ci_ups ups_software_version SNMP, UPS MIB
Agent software version cmdb_ci_ups agent_software_version SNMP, UPS MIB
Attached devices cmdb_ci_ups attached_devices SNMP, UPS MIB
Battery status cmdb_ci_ups battery_status SNMP, UPS MIB
Seconds remaining on battery cmdb_ci_ups seconds_on_battery SNMP, UPS MIB
Estimated minutes remaining on battery cmdb_ci_ups est_mins_remaining SNMP, UPS MIB
Estimated charge % remaining cmdb_ci_ups est_charge_remaining SNMP, UPS MIB
Battery voltage cmdb_ci_ups battery_voltage SNMP, UPS MIB
Battery current cmdb_ci_ups battery_current SNMP, UPS MIB
Battery temperature (C) cmdb_ci_ups battery_temperature SNMP, UPS MIB
Input line bads cmdb_ci_ups input_line_bads SNMP, UPS MIB
Output source cmdb_ci_ups output_source SNMP, UPS MIB
Output frequency cmdb_ci_ups output_freq SNMP, UPS MIB
Bypass frequency cmdb_ci_ups bypass_freq SNMP, UPS MIB
Nominal input voltage cmdb_ci_ups nom_input_volt SNMP, UPS MIB
Nominal input frequency cmdb_ci_ups nom_input_freq SNMP, UPS MIB
Nominal output voltage cmdb_ci_ups nom_output_volt SNMP, UPS MIB
Nominal output frequency cmdb_ci_ups nom_output_freq SNMP, UPS MIB
Rated output VA cmdb_ci_ups rated_output_va SNMP, UPS MIB
Rated output power cmdb_ci_ups rated_output_power SNMP, UPS MIB
Low battery threshold minutes cmdb_ci_ups low_battery_threshold_mins SNMP, UPS MIB
Audible alarm status cmdb_ci_ups audible_alarm_status SNMP, UPS MIB
Low voltage transfer point cmdb_ci_ups low_voltage_transfer_point SNMP, UPS MIB
High voltage transfer point cmdb_ci_ups high_voltage_transfer_point SNMP, UPS MIB
Input index cmdb_ci_ups_input input_index SNMP, UPS MIB
Input frequency (Hz) cmdb_ci_ups_input input_freq SNMP, UPS MIB
Input voltage (RMS VAC) cmdb_ci_ups_input input_volt SNMP, UPS MIB
Input current (RMS AAC) cmdb_ci_ups_input input_current SNMP, UPS MIB
Input power (Watts) cmdb_ci_ups_input input_power SNMP, UPS MIB
Output index cmdb_ci_ups_output output_index SNMP, UPS MIB
Output load (%) cmdb_ci_ups_output output_load SNMP, UPS MIB
Output voltage (RMS VAC) cmdb_ci_ups_output output_volt SNMP, UPS MIB
Output current (RMS AAC) cmdb_ci_ups_output output_current SNMP, UPS MIB
Output power (Watts) cmdb_ci_ups_output output_power SNMP, UPS MIB
Bypass index cmdb_ci_ups_bypass bypass_index SNMP, UPS MIB
Bypass voltage (RMS VAC) cmdb_ci_ups_bypass bypass_volt SNMP, UPS MIB
Bypass current (RMS AAC) cmdb_ci_ups_bypass bypass_current SNMP, UPS MIB
Bypass power (Watts) cmdb_ci_ups_bypass bypass_power SNMP, UPS MIB
Alarm index cmdb_ci_ups_alarm alarm_index SNMP, UPS MIB
Alarm type cmdb_ci_ups_alarm alarm_type SNMP, UPS MIB
Alarm time cmdb_ci_ups_alarm alarm_time SNMP, UPS MIB