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Datastore data collected by Discovery

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Datastore data collected by Discovery

Discovery identifies each datastore in the system and creates the relationships with the virtual machines and the ESX servers that use these datastores.


Discovery uses the VMWare - vCenter Datastores probe to collect this data from datastores.

Field Label Table Name Column Name Description
Accessible VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] accessible Whether the datastore is collected or not.
Capacity (GB) VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] capacity Amount of space provided by the datastore.
Clustered VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] clustered If the datastore is clustered (belongs to a storage pod).
Free space (GB) VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] freespace Amount of space still available on the datastore.
Type VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] type The type of file system volume, such as WFS or NFS.
URL VMware vCenter Datastore [cmdb_ci_vcenter_datastore] url The unique URL locator for the datastore.


Discovery uses both the VMWare - vCenter ESX Hosts and VMWare - vCenter Datastores probes to collect datastore host mount data.
Field label Table Column
Accessible VMware Datastore HostMount [vcenter_datastore_hostmount] accessible
Access Mode VMware Datastore HostMount [vcenter_datastore_hostmount] access_mode
VMware vCenter Datastore VMware Datastore HostMount [vcenter_datastore_hostmount] datastore
ESX Server VMware Datastore HostMount [vcenter_datastore_hostmount] esx_server
vCenter Reference VMware Datastore HostMount [vcenter_datastore_hostmount] vcenter_ref