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Pattern updates for the Madrid release

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Pattern updates for the Madrid release

Several new patterns are available for horizontal discovery.

Patterns for newly discovered CIs

These patterns are new for the Madrid release:

Pattern Description
UNIX Cluster - ORACLE Clusterware This pattern finds Oracle cluster software that runs Real Application Clusters (RAC) for Oracle databases.

This pattern supports the discovery of High-availability Service Management that includes the cluster, nodes, resource information, and status.

UNIX Cluster - Linux Red hat cluster and Linux - Red Hat Cluster These patterns find Linux Red Hat clusters that offer high availability and load balancing.
F5 LB REST This pattern finds F5 BigIP load balancers via HTTP/HTTP classification, which is prioritized after SNMP and SSH. This pattern requires a GET request from the HTTP - Classify port probe.
Citrix License Server and Delivery Controller discovery These patterns find Citrix License Server instances and Delivery Controller components that run on Windows machines.

Pattern changes

These patterns were modified in this release:
Pattern name Description
Netscaler Load Balancer Populates DNS names and aliases.
F5 Load Balancer Includes a new section to find F5 clusters via SNMP.
Router and switch discovery Added support for router stacks. Discovery creates a Master of::Stack Member of relationship between two switches.