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Operating-system-level virtualization (OSLV) discovery

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Operating-system-level virtualization (OSLV) discovery

Discovery can collect image and container information from OSLV engines.

Discovery can determine container status and size and identify images and their tags provided by operating-system-level virtualization.

Note: Currently, the ServiceNow® platform supports the discovery of Docker virtualization containers only.

Table schema

Table Description
cmdb_ci_oslv_engine Base table for all OSLV engines.
cmdb_ci_oslv_image Base table for globally unique OSLV images.
cmdb_ci_oslv_local_image Base table for local instances of OSLV images.
cmdb_ci_oslv_image_tag Base table for tags on OSLV images.
cmdb_ci_oslv_container Base table to store containers found on the host.

Data collected

Table Fields
Operating System Level Virtualization Engine [cmdb_ci_oslv_engine] Server [server]
Operating System Level Virtualization Image [cmdb_ci_oslv_image]
  • Image ID [image_id]
  • Image digest [image_digest]
  • Image created [image_created_at]
  • Size (bytes) [size_bytes]
Operating System Level Virtualization Local Image [cmdb_ci_oslv_local_image] Image ID [image_id]
Operating System Level Virtualization Image Tag [cmdb_ci_oslv_image_tag]
  • Image ID [image_id]
  • Repository [repository]
  • Tag [tag]
Operating System Level Virtualization Container [cmdb_ci_oslv_container]
  • Container ID [container_id]
  • Status [status]
  • Size (bytes) [size_bytes]
  • Image ID [image_id]