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Set up a cloud accounts for Azure

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Set up a cloud accounts for Azure

A cloud account is the logical representation in Cloud Management of all or part of your managed cloud infrastructure. A cloud account can include multiple service accounts — even service accounts from different providers. For each service account, you specify which datacenters to include in the cloud account.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin

About this task

See Cloud accounts for more information about cloud accounts.
Note: Cloud providers often use proprietary names for account and credential settings. Because the Cloud Management application supports several cloud providers, Cloud Management uses general-purpose names for the settings. In Azure, the region-specific containers for virtual resources are called regions. In Cloud Management, regions are called datacenters or logical datacenters. The term "logical" is used to reinforce the idea that Cloud Management is provider-agnostic. All infrastructure or applications that are deployed using Cloud Management are associated with a datacenter..


  1. On the Cloud Admin Portal, navigate to Manage > Cloud Accounts.
  2. Click New, enter a unique and meaningful Name and Description, select the cloud Provider for the account (MyProvider in the example), and then click Next.
    Create a cloud account
    Based on the provider you select, the Service Account field is populated.
  3. Select the appropriate Service Account.
    A list of discovered datacenters appears. If no datacenters appear, click Discover Datacenters. See Discover all datacenters in a service account on-demand for details.
  4. Select each of the datacenters that you want to associate with the cloud account, click Save, and then close the popup.
    The datacenters appear on the Datacenters tab for the cloud account.
    New datacenter on the cloud account
  5. When the datacenters appear, select one or more datacenters to include in the cloud account and then click Save.
    The Cloud Account dashboard appears. The datacenters that you selected appear on the Datacenters tab.
  6. Click a datacenter.
    The following lists appear:

What to do next

Repeat the process to create additional cloud accounts as needed. Run Discovery and set capacity limits for each datacenter.