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Test Management applications

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Test Management applications

The ServiceNow® Test Management application streamlines the management of testing processes to help you deliver software products more efficiently and with fewer errors.

There are two versions of Test Management: Test Management and Test Management 2.0. While Test Management 2.0 offers many enhancements, including integration with Agile Development 2.0, the original Test Management may have specific capabilities that are useful for your organization. The information and table below will help you make an informed decision for your organization.

Differences between Test Management and Test Management 2.0

Test Management covers user acceptance testing. It does not include some key data model structures like test versions, test runs, or test results. In addition, you cannot structure test plans in Test Management.

Test Management 2.0 includes data model structures that match industry standards. It provides you with an intuitive user interface called the Test Board from which you can structure test plans and plan the phases of your testing effort. Test Management 2.0 is also integrated with the Agile Development 2.0 product. Because of this integration, you can handle different testing scenarios such as release readiness testing and sprint testing.

Feature Test Management Test Management 2.0
Integration with PPM yes no
Integration with Agile Development 2.0 no yes
Test version You cannot create and maintain multiple versions of a test. You can create and maintain multiple versions of a test.
Test relation You can associate a test to one test suite only. You can associate a test to multiple test sets, test plans, and test cycles.
Time duration You can create a test plan describing how a product or a feature is to be tested.
  • You can create a test plan describing how a product or a feature is to be tested and the time frame in which the test plan must be run.
  • You can further decompose a test plan into test cycles, test cycles into test execution sets, and specify a time range for their execution.
Traceability of test runs and test results You can:
  • run a single test at a time.
  • view the test result.
You can:
  • run a single test at a time.
  • view which version of test has been run.
  • view the test result.
  • If you are an existing Test Management user on a release prior to London, you are using Test Management activated through the Test Management (com.snc.test_mgmt) plugin. See the Test Management documentation for more information.
  • If you are a new user, you can activate the Test Management 2.0 (com.snc.test_management.2.0) plugin as it provides enhanced testing capabilities. See the Test Management 2.0 documentation for more information.