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Create a release in scrum

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Create a release in scrum

Users with the scrum_product_owner and scrum_release_planner roles can create releases.

  1. Navigate to Agile Development > Planning > Open Releases and click New.

    The application opens the new release record in a state of Draft.

  2. Select a date range for the release.

    All sprints for this release are restricted by these dates.

  3. Select a user in the Assigned to field.
    This must be a scrum user, such as a release planner or product owner, whose role allows rights to create and edit releases. The Points field is read-only. This field displays the total number of points for all stories assigned to sprints in this release.

    You cannot select a Default team until the record is saved.

  4. Click Submit.
    Related lists appear for products, sprints, stories, and teams. Using these lists, you can:
    • Add existing products or create a new ones.
    • Create sprints
    • Create stories (requires a product)
    • Add an existing team or create a new one