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Associate a time card with a resource plan

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Associate a time card with a resource plan

If one resource is allocated to identically named tasks in two resource plans, use the following procedure to specify the resource plan the time card should be allocated to.

About this task

  • A resource plan can be associated with a time card only if the resource plan contains hard allocations for the user.
  • If a resource plan is not associated manually to a time card, then a resource plan is auto-associated. The auto-association is done based on the selected Task in the time card.


  1. Navigate to the Time Cards > All.
  2. Select a time card.
  3. Configure the form to add the Resource plan field.
  4. In Resource plan field, select the plan to which the time card should be allocated. Only resource plans that contain the selected task are listed.
    Figure 1. Time Card with Resource Plan
    Screenshot for a time card configured with Resource Plan
  5. Click Update.