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Add events to a user calendar

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Add events to a user calendar

Resource managers can add events to user calendars.

Before you begin

Role required: resource manager


  1. Navigate to Resource > Resources > Users.
  2. Do one of the following options:
    From the User list Right-click a user name in the Users list and select View Calendar.
    From the User form Click a User record to open the User form, and then click the View Calendar related link.

    The calendar for that user opens in a new window or tab.

  3. Click an empty white cell on the calendar.

    The Add Event form appears.

  4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate. For detailed field descriptions, see Add events to your calendar.


  • When you add a calender event, the resource aggregate daily, weekly, and monthly tables are updated.
  • All the non-project events created for a user from the calender appear as Operational Work for the user in Resource Finder.