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Request extension of an allocated resource plan

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Request extension of an allocated resource plan

As a project manager, you can request extension of an allocated resource plan.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager, resource_user

About this task

Assume that resources were allocated for a project that is now delayed by a month. In case, there is a resource requirement for this additional month, as a project manager, you can raise a request for resources using the Request Extension option. This option is displayed only when the resource plan is in allocated state.


  1. Navigate to Resource > Resource Plans > All.
  2. Open a resource plan.
  3. Click Request Extension.
  4. In the Request Extension window:
    Extend until Date until which you want to extend the resource plan and request for resources.
    Notes Additional correspondence and information about the resource plan that the project manager wants to communicate with the resource manager.

    The end date of the resource plan is updated and the Extension field is set to Requested.

What to do next

See Allocate resources for the extended period.