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A teamspace appears as an application in the instance application navigator. The teamspace includes module links that come from the Project Portfolio Management applications, such as the Project, Idea, Demand, Program and Portfolio applications.

Use teamspaces to provide functional and data separation of these applications between different teams in your organization. The following is an example teamspace for a marketing team:

Figure 1. Example teamspace
An example teamspace for marketing

Teamspace activation

You must activate a teamspace plugin to use the teamspace feature. Following teamspace plugins are available:
  • Project Management TeamSpace 1 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_1)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 2 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_2)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 3 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_3)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 4 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_4)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 5 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_5)

The teamspaces loaded with these plugins contain the same components, but the components have different prefixes. For example, teamspace 1 includes a project table named Teamspace_1 Project [tsp1_project] and teamspace 5 includes a project table named Teamspace_5 Project [tsp5_project].

You can enable any or all of these teamspaces and assign the teamspace specific roles to relevant users in the group that should use the teamspace.

Teamspace customization

You can customize the Project and Demand portions of a teamspace without affecting other teamspaces. This table summarizes what you can customize:
Table 1. Teamspace customization
Customization to Project or Demand within a teamspace Supported?
Data model changes, such as adding a field to the Project or Demand form. Yes
Changes to business rules, UI actions, UI policies, security rules, data policies, and workflows. Yes
Changes to shared roles, such as project_manager, demand_manager, and so on. Yes
Form and list layouts, list controls, and related lists Yes
Dictionary overrides Yes