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View bucket contents

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View bucket contents

You can modify what you see in the list of buckets in the Bucketing stage of the IT Finance workbench.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst


  1. Click the gear icon (The gear icon) next to Allocation Setup.
  2. Show or hide the buckets that are already assigned by clicking the Show assigned buckets toggle. You can assign the expenses in buckets to accounts for unassigned buckets only.
  3. Sort the accounts by selecting Name or Amount in the Sort by list.
  4. Further sort the accounts by selecting Ascending or Descending from the Sort list.

    Click the information icon to view the records, which are saved in the General Ledger Cleansed Data [itfm_gl_data_cleansed] table, that belong to a bucket. The records open in the list view in a new browser tab or browser window.