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Verify the total amount allocated

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Verify the total amount allocated

The donut chart on the right shows the assigned expenses for all segments.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

By default, the calculations in both the donut chart and the segment hierarchy include data from the new rules that you just created in the workbench, and any existing rules that you previously created. You can choose to turn off the preexisting rules, called User Rules, so that you see only the calculations from your newly created rules.


  1. On the Preview tab, select a segment from the Total Amount Assigned choice list to view the allocation for that segment. The breakdown for each account appears below the donut chart.
  2. To change whether or not the information in the donut chart is refreshed automatically when you make changes, click the gear icon (The gear icon) on an account to view the allocation summary, and click the Refresh Automatically toggle.
    Figure 1. The Preview tab
    The Preview tab
  3. Click the User Rules tab to view the allocation rules and rollups that you manually set up outside of the workbench.

    On this tab, you can perform the following actions:

    • Click a rule name to open the Cost Allocation Rule form for that rule.
    • Click the preview icon (The preview icon) to preview the allocation for that rule in the allocation viewer.
    • Click the Show check box to include allocation lines from existing, user-created rules in the calculations for assigned buckets. When you select this check box, the application includes existing allocation lines that are active on the accounts. The amounts that you see in the segments and in the donut chart are affected by the inclusion of these allocation lines. You should not select this option if you want the calculated values to show only what you assign from buckets.
    • Click See all rules to see a list of all allocation rules in the application.
    Figure 2. The User Rules tab
    The User Rules tab