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Clone a cost model in the workbench

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Clone a cost model in the workbench

Use the preconfigured cost models or clone one from the base cost models for your financial modeling activities. By cloning you can map your financial data source to the cost model as per your business requirements without affecting the original cost model.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

You can select a preconfigured basic cost model or clone a cost model from the Data Definition stage of the Workbench or from the Cost Models tab.


  1. Navigate to Financial Modeling > Workbench.
  2. Do one of the following to access the basic cost model interface:
    • Select a cost model from the Cost Model choice list in the Working Set region of the Data Definition stage, and click the Clone this cost model (Clone this model icon) icon.

    • Click the Cost Models tab, select the base cost model, and click the Clone Cost Model button or the Clone this cost model (Clone this model icon) Action icon.
  3. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Clone Cost Model form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the cost model that you selected pre-populates in the field.
    Description Description of the cost model defaults.
    Clone From A cost model to clone the new one from.
    Data source The actual raw expense data table used for financial modeling activities. See Financial data sources and field maps. The base system options are:
    • Cost Plan Breakdown: Maps to the raw expense data, where the actual cost and allocated cost are captured for a fiscal period in the cost plan breakdown [cost_plan_breakdown] table.
    • General Ledger Staged: Maps to the database column that refers to general ledger account expenses in the general ledger staged data [itfm_gl_data_staged] table.
    • No Data Source: Option to manually enter the amounts in the cost model at the bucketing stage.
  4. Click the Clone Cost Model button.