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Raise a dispute

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Raise a dispute

As a showback user, if you disagree with any of the information on a statement expense line, then you can raise a dispute.

Before you begin

Role required: showback_user


  1. Navigate to Financial Charging > My Open Disputes.
  2. In the Statement Disputes list, click New or click the Number in the Statement disputes list.
  3. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Statement Dispute form
    Field Description
    Number Sequential number for the dispute.
    Statement expense line Expense line from the choice list that you disagree with.
    Opened by Defaults to the user name who is raising the dispute.
    Assigned to Dispute assigned to the service charging owner, if it is related to pricing policy, unit rate, volume, or total cost.

    Assign the dispute to service charging financial analyst, if there is a disagreement with the showback statement.

    Reason code Appropriate reason code from the choice list.
    State Status for the dispute:
    • Open: The showback user raises a dispute.
    • Work in progress: The service charging owner or service charging analyst is working on the dispute.
    • Closed complete: The dispute is resolved and closed.
    • Closed incomplete: The dispute is not resolved, but closed.
    • Closed skipped: The disputed expense line is skipped and closed.
    Reason Description of the dispute.
    Additional comments (Customer visible) Comments or notes, in complete sentences and paragraphs, for the service charging owner and service charging analyst to understand and resolve the dispute easily.
    Work notes Work notes for internal communication only.
    Statement expense line details Expense line of the showback statement that the dispute is raised for.
  4. To complete the submission of the dispute, click Submit or to update an edited dispute, click Update.
  5. If you have reviewed the resolution for the dispute that you raised earlier, click Close.
  6. To delete the record, click Delete.

What to do next

As a service charging owner, you can navigate to My Open Disputes to view the statement disputes raised by the showback user and resolve the disputes.

If the service charging owner is not available to resolve the issue, the service charging analyst, as a super user with special privileges, can resolve any open dispute in My Open Disputes.