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Create a deployment task template

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Create a deployment task template

Create a deployment task template within a deployment phase. The deployment task template auto-creates build tasks when the build moves to the Verification Pending state.

Before you begin

Role required: Deployment Pipeline Manager [sn_erm.deployment_pipeline_manager]


  1. Navigate to Deployment Management > Deployment Pipelines > Deployment Phases.
  2. Click the Deployment Task Templates related list.
  3. Click New.
  4. On the Deployment Task Template form, fill the following fields:
    Table 1. Deployment Task Template form
    Field Description
    Name System-generated name for the deployment task template.
    Table Tasks created by the deployment task templates reside in the Deployment Task [sn_erm_deployment_task] table. This field is read-only.
    Active Check box for activating the deployment task template.
    Note: If you clear the check box, the deployment task template remains inactive and does not create build tasks.
    Application Application refers to global scope. This field is read-only.
    Note: Global scope is a special application scope that identifies applications developed prior to application scoping or applications intended to be accessible to all other global applications.
    User User who owns the template.
    Deployment phase Deployment phase in which the deployment task template is created.
    Short description Brief description of the deployment task template.
    Template Filter criteria to create the deployment task template.
  5. Click Submit.