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View business application roadmap

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View business application roadmap

Use the graphical, high-level overview of the application roadmap to view the investments made in the business application.

Before you begin

The projects and demands must be tied to business applications for the investment portal view to work.

Role required: sn_apm.apm_user

About this task

The application roadmap takes you to an investment portal of the business application. The portal is exclusive to Application Portfolio Management.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio Management > Application Portfolio > All Business Applications.
  2. Click the name of the business application to open it in form view.
  3. To open the business application record within a portal with all its investment details, click the View Application Roadmap button.
    Figure 1. Application roadmap in an investment portal
    Application roadmap in an investment portal
  4. Use the widgets on the top panel to view the following details:
    • The total number of investments planned on the business application, which also indicates the number of projects and demands separately.
    • The total number of projects and demands that impact the business application in the current and future fiscal years.
    • The color-coded status of the projects and demands indicating high, medium, and low risks corresponding to the colors red, yellow, and green, respectively.
  5. To configure the view in the portal, click the configuration widget (Configuration widget).
    1. Select the check box in the ITEM COLUMNS to add the columns that you require. Clear the check box to remove columns from the portal view.
  6. To save your configurations, click the save icon (Save icon).
    Your preferences are set when you open the investment portal the next time to view the application roadmap. The settings are retained not only for the original business application for which you configured, but also for any other business application that you open.
  7. Use the Overview tab to view the:
    • Names of the projects and demands the application is tied to.
    • Program that the projects and demands are part of. Projects and demands may or may not be associated to a project.
    • Business units to which the projects and demands are attached.
    • Business capabilities to which the projects and demands render support.
    • Strategies and goals of the projects and demands.
    • Planned start and completion dates.
    • Overall status of the projects and demands.
  8. Use the Timeline tab of the portal to view the timeline in a:
    • Grid view that shows start and end dates, possible risks, and issues.
    • Gantt view that indicates the schedule of the projects and demands.