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Time Card Management

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Time Card Management

The Time Card Management feature enables time card users such as task assignees to report and track their time for the assigned tasks.

Time Card Management works with the Task table to record time worked on Projects, Incidents, Problems, and Change Requests.

With the Time Card Management feature:

  • The Time card users can record the time worked on a task using time cards and time sheets. Time card users can submit their time cards and time sheets for approval.
  • The Time card approvers can approve the time cards in a submitted timesheet by approving the time sheet. Time card approvers can view and approve only those time cards and time sheets that are routed to them for approval. The routing for approval happens based on the Non-project time approver and Project time approver fields in the user time sheet policy. User managers with time card approver role can also log time and submit the time sheet of their resources.

    Time card approvers can use dashboards to view reports of time card and time sheet exceptions, and category wise time reported by the users.

    The project_manager and the resource_manager roles contain the timecard_approver role in the base system. However, the timecard_approver role can also be used independently without the project_manager or resource_manager roles.

  • The time card admin can create and manage time sheet policies, and can also approve time by exception and process the time sheets. Time card admin can also log time for any users, and edit time cards of any users in Pending or Rejected state.
Note: The Time Card Management plugin is required to use time cards. Some of the procedures on this page require the project management feature, which activates time cards automatically. See Project Management (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo).

Domain separation in Time Card Management

Domain separation provides complete data isolation for domain-specific users. Time card Management is domain separation compliant at the Data only level.