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HR synonym dictionary

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HR synonym dictionary

HR Service Delivery provides a Synonym Dictionary that helps expand text searches with additional keywords.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, ts_admin
You can edit the HR Synonym Dictionary to better match your business and terminology.
Note: You must be in the Global scope to edit.
Load the HR Synonym Dictionary
The HR Synonym Dictionary loads automatically when you check the Load demo data box and activate the Human Resources Scoped App: Core [com.sn_hr_core] plugin.
Activate the HR Synonym Dictionary
  • Navigate to System Properties > Text Search.
  • Check Yes in the Enable Synonym (which can be defined in Synonym Dictionaries) field.
  • Click Save.
Edit the HR Synonym Dictionary
  • Navigate to System Definition > Text Index Synonym Dictionaries.
  • Click HRSD Synonym Dictionary.
  • The base system provides five default Synonym Sets.
  • Click a Synonym Set to edit.
  • Add words in the Synset box separated by commas. The words in this box are your custom words that you feel your employees use in search.
  • Or, click Insert a new row to add a Synonym Set.
  • Click Update.
Publish the HR Synonym Dictionary
  • The HRSD Synonym Dictionary form appears.
  • Click Publish Dictionary under Related Links.
  • The Synonym Dictionary is active after a few minutes.