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View or modify HR case categories in legacy HR

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View or modify HR case categories in legacy HR

You can view and modify the HR case categories that are created automatically when you create a new catalog item in the Manage HR Catalog module, in the non-scoped version of HR.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or hr_admin

About this task

In the Human Resources application, there is a 1:1 relationship between a catalog item, an HR case category, and an HR case template. If an HR agent creates a new HR case without using a catalog item, selecting the category also selects the associated template. This populates some fields in the form, such as assignment group. Use the Manage HR Catalog module to view case categories and modify them as necessary.


  1. Navigate to HR • Administration > Catalog & Templates > HR Categories.
  2. Select the category to view or modify.
    You can create a new HR case category, but it is recommended that you use the Manage HR Catalog module to create catalog items and associated categories.
  3. Review the details and edit them as needed.
    If you need to change the template, only templates that are not assigned to a category are listed. The HR case type is useful for filtering reports.
  4. (Optional) To disable a category you no longer use, clear the Active check box.
  5. If you made changes, click Update.

HR case categories in legacy HR

HR case categories are associated with HR catalog items. There is a 1:1 relationship between HR case categories and HR catalog items.

The following HR case categories are predefined. Administrators can create new HR categories in the HR Categories module and define catalog items to use the categories. New catalog items can be created in the Manage HR Catalog module, and the associated HR case category is created automatically.

Table 1. HR categories
Category Description Example
401(k) Ask about the 401(k) plan. How much can I contribute from each paycheck?
Beneficiaries Manage your beneficiaries. Decide who will receive your insurance benefits should you die and what percentage should be distributed.
Career guidance Ask a question regarding your career growth and opportunities. What do I have to do to get a promotion to senior level?
Dental Benefits Enroll, modify, or ask a question about your dental benefits. Does my dental insurance cover braces?
Direct Deposit Enroll, modify, or ask a question about direct deposit. Can I deposit my paycheck into two different bank accounts?
Disciplinary Issue
Employee change Ask for an update to the HR profile. How do I change my employee's status from temp to permanent?
Employee Information Change Request an employee personal information change. My status has changed from single to married.
Employee Offboarding Request to offboard an employee. I need to offboard an employee.
Employee relations Ask an employee relations question. What should I do about two employees constantly arguing?
Employment verification Request a verification of employment. I need verification of employment for my loan.
Employment Verification Letter Request an employment verification letter. I need a letter sent to my bank to verify employment for my loan.
General Ask a general question for which a specific record producer does not exist. Does the company organize an end-of-year party for its employees?
Grievance File a grievance complaint. My office mate talks on the speaker phone and I can't concentrate on my work.
HR Password Reset Request password reset for an HR system. I need my HR password reset.
HR Portal Support Ask a question about the HR portal or request HR Portal support. I have a technical issue.
HR System Access Request or modify access to HR systems. I need access to a particular system.
HR System Reports Request or ask a question about an HR report. I need access to a particular report.
Leave Request a leave of absence. How do I arrange for paternity leave?
Leave General Question Ask a general question about taking time off that is not vacation. What are the approved reasons for taking a leave of absence?
Life events Ask a life events and benefits question. How do I change my name in the system after getting married?
Medical/dental/vision Ask an insurance question. Can I add my spouse to the vision plan?
Medical Benefits Enroll, modify or ask a question about your medical benefits. Does my medical insurance cover me if I am on vacation in another country?
New Hire Onboarding Request to onboard an employee. Please onboard a new employee.
Offboarding Complete tasks to close a terminating employee's accounts and retrieve company assets. An employee resigns.
Onboarding Complete tasks to set up accounts for a new employee and provide company assets, such as a computer. A new employee is hired.
Pay Discrepancy Ask about or report a discrepancy in your paycheck. Why is my paycheck less this pay period?
Payroll Ask a question about payroll or salary. On what day of the month does my account get credited?
Pharmacy Benefits Enroll, modify, or ask a question about your pharmacy benefits, Can I get name brand medications or does my benefit only include generic when available?
Retirement Ask about retirement benefits. What is the minimum age at which I can retire?
Retirement 401(k) Ask a 401(k) related retirement question. If I am planning to retire, should I scale back my 401(k) contribution?
Tuition Ask a question about tuition. Will I be reimbursed for training tuition?
Tuition Reimbursement Request tuition reimbursement. Please reimburse me for the class I just completed.
Vacation Ask a vacation question. When will I begin to earn more vacation per year?
Vision Benefits Enroll, modify, or ask a question about your vision benefits. How many pairs of glasses can I buy per year as part of the benefit?