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HR Administration for legacy HR

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HR Administration for legacy HR

You can define and maintain HR organization data that is used for creating and assigning cases in the non-scoped version of HR.

The following information is set up and maintained as part of administering the Human Resources application.
  • Positions that describe employee job functions within the organization
  • HR skills that facilitate auto-assignment of HR cases
  • Rules that automatically assign cases to specific users or groups
  • HR templates and catalog items that are used to create HR cases
  • HR profile records

HR managers or administrators set up the information. HR agents can create and maintain HR profile records.

A process must be defined to maintain this data. For example, positions may be redefined, new areas of expertise may be set up within the HR organization, or new HR request processes may be needed. It is important for an HR administrator to define the process and assign responsibility appropriately so the HR data is accurate.