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Download a UCF shared list

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Download a UCF shared list

In order for compliance managers to download UCF Authority Documents from the UCF-CCH, the list must be marked as Shared. When updating Authority Documents or adding new ones, you must update all your Authority Documents to ensure that the common controls framework remains in sync with the Authority Documents you are using.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_compliance_admin or sn_compliance_manager

Note: The current design of UCF supports the downloading of mandated and implied controls. The downloading of implementation controls is not supported. See the Unified Compliance Documentation How do I distribute an Authority Document list to other accounts?
Warning: All data imported from UCF Authority Documents is read-only and must be protected. Do not customize the Authority Documents, citations, or policy statements on any UCF fields on the GRC tables.


  1. Navigate to Policy and Compliance > Administration > Unified Compliance Integration.
  2. Click the UCF configuration.
  3. Configure the UCF integration, if necessary.
  4. Click Import Shared List.
    A progress bar shows the progress of downloading and importing the documents.
    download complete shown
    You may encounter any of the following errors:
    Table 1. UCF Shared List Errors
    Error Explanation Resolve
    Error encountered while downloading UCF content. Please try again or contact your system administrator for further assistance. If the internet connection is lost for any reason, this message appears.
    1. Click Import Shared List to download again.
    The selected Shared List does not match the existing Authority Document list. Select a different Shared List or update the existing Shared List. If the selected UCF Shared List that you are downloading does not include all the authority documents you have already downloaded, this message appears.
    1. Return to the CCH and verify that the Shared List you are trying to download includes all the Authority Documents from the original import to your instance.
    2. Click Import Shared List to download again.
  5. Click Review Changed Records to review the list of changed records.
    list of changed records

    Authority documents in the UCF content are organized and mapped to their proper citations, which in turn are mapped to a common set of controls. The terminology between the UCF and the GRC applications differ slightly as explained in the following table.

    Table 2. Terminology differences
    UCF ServiceNow GRC application
    Authority Document Authority Document
    Citation Citation
    Control Policy Statement