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Governance, Risk, and Compliance and the ServiceNow Store

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance and the ServiceNow Store

Starting with Madrid, all GRC core applications are available from the ServiceNow Store. You can obtain new and updated features more rapidly. Before you can use any GRC applications, you must verify that you have entitlement to them (that is, you have valid licenses to use them), download them from the ServiceNow Store, and activate them.

Request apps on the Store

Visit the ServiceNow Store website to view all the available apps and for information about submitting requests to the store.

The list of GRC core applications available for download includes:
  • Policy and Compliance Management (and supported integrations)
  • Risk Management (and supported integrations)
  • Audit Management (and supported integrations)
  • Vendor Risk Management (and supported integrations)

Watch this five-minute video to learn about downloading Security Operations and GRC applications from the ServiceNow Store.

The process you use to obtain GRC core products depends on whether you are downloading a product for the first time, updating a product that you previously downloaded from the ServiceNow Store, or upgrading from one family release to the next one.

Use the procedure below that applies to your situation.