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Suspend and resume SLA timing from a work order task

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Suspend and resume SLA timing from a work order task

Pause and resume the timing on a work order SLA from a work order task.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_admin, wm_qualifier, wm_dispatcher, wm_agent, or a combination role

About this task

This is particularly useful for agents because it enables them to suspend the timing on the parent work order if they are waiting for information or for others to perform actions.


  1. Navigate to a work order task with an SLA using the path visible to your role:
    • Field Service > Work Order > Work Order Tasks with SLAs
    • Field Service > Work Order > My Work Order Tasks
    • Field Service > Work Order > Assigned to me
  2. Select an active work order task.
  3. Add a work note explaining why you are suspending the work order.
  4. Under Related Links, click Suspend Work Order.

    The system sets the Stage of the SLA to Paused.

  5. Click Resume Work Order to restart the SLA.

    The system resets the SLA to its previous stage.