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Execute a task from the agent map

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Execute a task from the agent map

As an agent, you can accept or reject tasks assigned to you using features in the agent task map, or take on unassigned tasks near you if your schedule permits.

Before you begin

The Service Management Geolocation plugin (com.snc.service_management.geolocation) must be enabled and the Google Maps Platform key must be entered into the appropriate Google Maps property.

Role required: wm_agent

About this task

You can optimize task routes in the map to have the system determine the most efficient route. Initial routing shows the sequence established when the dispatcher assigned the tasks. Route optimization uses your location information and creates an ideal schedule based on variables such as location, task duration, travel time, or any task windows. The agent map, which displays color-coded icons for the tasks and your current location, is updated as you complete each task.

To access the map, navigate to Field Service > Agent > My Map. Tasks that are in one of these states are visible on the map:
  • Assigned
  • Accepted
  • Pending Dispatch
  • Work in Progress