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View task information

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View task information

View task information by clicking the task icon on the dispatch map.

A pop-up window shows the task number, the name of the agent if one is assigned to the task, and the task description. By default, the system closes one pop-up window before opening another. To allow multiple pop-up windows to remain open, navigate to System Properties > Google Maps and edit the If true, automatically closes a dispatch map information window before opening a new one property.

The following information is included in a task pop-up window:
  • SLA: Time remaining on an SLA, if one is affected by this task.
  • Priority: Task priority by number, 1 being the highest and 5 the lowest.
  • Skills Needed: Skills needed to perform the work.
  • Parts Needed: Parts needed to perform the work.
Figure 1. Dispatch map task pop-up window
Dispatch map task pop-up window

If multiple tasks exist in the same location, click the cluster icon to display the list of tasks by status. Click any entry to display summaries for all the tasks in a pane beside the map. You can access individual task records from this list.

Figure 2. Dispatch map task pane
Dispatch map task pane
Click the task number link to display the record in a pop-up window. You can reassign a task to another agent using these fields:
  • Dispatch group
  • Assignment group
  • Assigned to
Note: If a task has transfer orders that have shipped and are in transit, the system displays a warning and blocks any attempt to reassign the task or to clear the Assigned to field. If the transfer orders have been received or delivered, reassignment is permitted, and the assets are moved to a state of In Stock / Available.

For an unassigned task, click the Auto-Dispatch related link to let the system dispatch the task automatically. You can edit the task schedule in this record or create a task window.

Figure 3. Dispatch map task detail
Dispatch map task detail