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View agent information

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View agent information

View details about an agent at a particular location by clicking the agent icon on the dispatch map.

A pop-up window shows the agent's schedule and these additional details:
  • Status: Possible values are On route, On site, On break, Off work.
  • Last login: Time the agent last logged in to the instance. This field is updated automatically each time a user with geolocation tracking enabled views a task.
  • On schedule: Possible values are On time, Behind schedule, and Ahead. The icon for an agent who is behind schedule appears in red on the map. The system highlights in red the name of the agent who is behind schedule in the Map View of all user records and lists.
  • Assignment groups: All assignment groups this agent belongs to.

Click the agent's name to open the user record. Only the Location field can be edited in this record. Click a task number in the schedule list to display the task record. Tasks that are behind schedule are marked in red.

If more than one agent is in a location, the map gathers them together in a blue cluster icon. Click the cluster to display a summary pop-up window showing the agents at that location by dispatch group. Click any link in this list to display a detailed list of agents in a panel beside the map. You can open user records and tasks using the links in this list.

Figure 1. Dispatch map agent detail
Dispatch map agent detail