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Filter the dispatch map

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Filter the dispatch map

Filter the items that are visible on the dispatch map.

To change the items visible in the map, click View Filter. These filters are available:
Table 1. Dispatch map filters
Title Description
Show unassigned tasks All unassigned tasks are displayed by default. Clear the check box to hide unassigned tasks.
Show assigned tasks All assigned tasks are displayed by default. Clear the check box to hide assigned tasks.
On The current date is selected by default. You can change the date to view tasks for that day.
Show my agent's work group All assignment groups are selected by default. You can select any assignment group in your dispatch group.
Show agent All agents are displayed by default. When you select a specific assignment group, the choice list for agents shows only the agents in that assignment group.
Figure 1. Dispatch map filter
Dispatch map filter

Click Apply Filter to apply your changes to the map. The view displays all tasks assigned to the agent selected in the filter. The icons are all numbered to show the sequence of the agent's route. Click Optimize Route to let ServiceNow decide the most efficient route to the agent's tasks.