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Central dispatch integration with dynamic scheduling

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Central dispatch integration with dynamic scheduling

Drag and drop a task over an assigned task in the agent calendar. Dynamic scheduling determines the best way to unassign or reassign the original task to make room for the new task.

The central dispatch integration with dynamic scheduling enables a dispatcher to drag and drop a task (either assigned or unassigned) to an agent's timeline where another task is already assigned. When the dispatcher attempts to assign the new task at this position, dynamic scheduling unassigns or reassigns one or more tasks and assigns the new task. In the Confirm Assignment pop-up window, the dispatcher can confirm or cancel the proposed schedule changes.
Note: Tasks that are already work in progress cannot be unassigned. Only tasks which are scheduled but not started can be reassigned or unassigned.

If the dispatcher drags a higher priority task on top of a lower priority task, dynamic scheduling assigns the higher priority task and attempts to reassign the lower priority task. If the dispatcher drags a lower priority task over a higher priority task, central dispatch displays a warning and the dispatcher must acknowledge to continue.

The system administrator can enable the integration with dynamic scheduling by navigating to Field Service > Administration > Configuration, clicking the Assignments tab, and selecting using dynamic scheduling in the Assignment method for tasks field.