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Appointment availability

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Appointment availability

Settings in the application configuration determine how the appointment booking feature determines availability.

Two different methods are provided for determining availability:
Number of appointments per slot
This method uses a specified number of available appointments per time window. The actual number of appointments is specified in the service configuration. For example, if the administrator specifies 10 appointments per window, then each appointment window will have 10 available appointments. The number of available appointments for an appointment window decreases by one each time an appointment within that window is booked.
This method uses a script to determine the number of available appointments per time window. The default script included with the Field Service Management application configuration uses the task assignment method set in the Field Service configuration to determine availability. If the task assignment method is set to manual, the availability defaults to the Number of appointments per slot availability method. If the task assignment is set to auto-assignment or dynamic scheduling, the configurations associated with these task assignment methods are considered while calculating availability.

Excluding days from appointment availability

In the service configuration, the appointment booking administrator can select a schedule of days that are excluded from appointment availability. The Holiday Schedule field is a reference field that points to the Schedules table [cmn_schedule]. Selecting a schedule from the Schedules list defines the days and times to exclude from appointment availability. In the schedule selected, those days must be set to Excluded.