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View the Customer Service Agent dashboard

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View the Customer Service Agent dashboard

The Agent dashboard provides quick access to your cases based on criteria that help you to prioritize your work. The dashboard also displays charts and summary data on metrics for your group.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin or pa_viewer


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  2. Click the All tab, select Other from the Group menu, and click the Customer Service Agent - Advanced tile.
    Table 1. My Work tab
    My Open Cases Cases assigned to me that are not resolved, closed or canceled.
    My Cases With Problems Cases assigned to me that are part of a parent case that is assigned to a system admin.
    My New Cases Cases that I have not yet responded to.
    My Group's P1 Cases P1 cases that are assigned to a member of my group.
    My Group's Open Cases Cases assigned o a member of my group that are not resolved, closed or canceled.
    My KBs Created List of all KB articles that I created.
    Table 2. Organizational Trends tab (combined data for all agents in my group)
    CSAT Average Customer Satisfaction based on survey results. See Customer service satisfaction surveys.
    First Call Resolution Percentage of cases that were resolved during first contact with the customer.
    Avg. Time to Resolution Average time for a case to be marked as closed or resolved.
    Backlog Growth Number of backlogged cases for each agent group over time.
    On any scorecard or list, click an entry to view details and underlying data. For example, on the Product Overview tab, click an entry in the CSAT list:
    CSAT list
    The detailed information page opens to the Chart tab.
    Chart tab
    Chart Values of the metric as a function of time.
    Breakdowns Select a Breakdown to focus on a particular aspect of the data, for example, the Account or AssignedTo setting (assigned CS Agent). Some breakdowns enable a secondary selection (Select an Element). For example, if you select AssignedTo, then you can select the CS Agent to review.
    Scores Values of the metric listed over time.
    Comments Enter comments as needed.
    More Info Information on the data source and method of computation for the metric.