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Set up customer information

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Set up customer information

An overview of the tasks involved in setting up customer information.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Set up associated entities.
    The customer service case is the primary entity of the Customer Service Management application and is used to track and resolve customer questions or issues. Customer information is linked to a case using associated entities such as accounts, assets, and service contracts. This provides the customer service agent with easy access to the information necessary to resolve customer issues.
  2. Set up customer relationships.
    You can establish different types of customer relationships to make account and asset management easy and flexible.
  3. Set up account teams.
    Create teams to support customer accounts by creating specific support roles and then assigning employees to those roles.
  4. Set up asset contact relationships.
    To limit access to an asset, create an asset contact relationship and assign the asset to one or more customer contacts. Then enable the associated property to restrict access to the asset information to the assigned contacts.
    Note: The customer administrator can also assign a contact to an asset from the customer portal.