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Assign a case from the workbench

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Assign a case from the workbench

Users with the customer service manager role can assign a case to an agent from the assignment workbench.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice_manager


  1. Open a customer service case.
  2. Click the Find Agents icon (Find Agents icon) next to the Assigned to field to open the assignment workbench.
    If the case has an Assignment group, the agents from that group are listed on the workbench. If the case does not have an assigned group, no agents are displayed.
    Note: The state of the current record determines the availability of the Find Agents icon. The icon is available for records in the Open, Awaiting, and Cancelled states, and if the user has write access for the Assigned to field. The icon is not available for records in the New or Closed states or when the Assigned to field is read-only for the current user.
  3. (Optional) Select an assignment group from the Group list.
    The list of agents updates based on the selected group.
  4. (Optional) Add or remove skills from the Skills list.
    The selected skills appear in a list below this field. The Matching Skills column updates to reflect the selected skills.
    Note: Mandatory skills cannot be changed.
  5. (Optional) Sort the agents by clicking the column header for the desired matching criteria.
  6. Select an agent by enabling the check box by the agent's name and then click Assign.
    The assignment workbench closes and the name of the selected agent appears in the Assigned to field on the Case form.
  7. Click Update to save the agent assignment.