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Components installed with OpenFrame

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Components installed with OpenFrame

Several types of components are installed with OpenFrame.

Tables installed with OpenFrame

Tables are added with activation of OpenFrame.

Table Description
Phone Log


A log of the incoming and outgoing phone calls. This table can be used to log any phone call made or received.
OpenFrame Configuration


Stores the OpenFrame configuration. This is the configuration used to load the OpenFrame in the TopFrame.

Roles installed with OpenFrame

Roles are added with activation of OpenFrame.

Role title [name] Description Contains roles


The OpenFrame user role.
  • None

Script includes installed with OpenFrame

Script includes are added with activation of OpenFrame.

Script include Description
OpenFrameAjaxUtility OpenFrame AJAX utility class providing functions to get the OpenFrame configuration and also to get and set the last opened frame location.

Business rules installed with OpenFrame

Business rules are added with activation of OpenFrame.

Business rule Table Description
Set Agent Phone Log


Sets the agent in the Phone Log [sn_openframe_phone_log] table as the current logged-in user if a phone call is logged without an agent.
One Default Configuration OpenFrame Configuration


Checks that there is only one default OpenFarme configuration. You cannot have two OpenFrame configurations with the default flag set to true.
Update Task Work Notes Phone Log


Updates the work notes for a specific task whenever a phone call is logged for that task.