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Use the Consumer Service Portal

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Use the Consumer Service Portal

The Consumer Service Portal is a web interface that your company can use to provide information and support to consumers.

The Consumer Service Portal is based on the ServiceNow Service Portal application. Consumers can use the portal to search for information, get their questions answered by other registered members, or request assistance from a customer service agent.

From the Consumer Service Portal, consumers can:
  • Search for information, browse knowledge articles, and engage with the community.
  • Start a chat session with a customer service agent
  • Register, create a login, and create a user profile.
After registering and logging in to the Consumer Service Portal, consumers can:
  • Edit user profile information and change passwords.
  • Register new products and view a list of currently registered products.
  • Contact a consumer service agent about a question or issue.
  • Create cases and view a list of current cases.
  • Accept or reject proposed case solutions.
Figure 1. Consumer Service Portal
Note: The screenshot shows the Consumer Service Portal homepage of a logged-in user with the system administrator role. You see different menu items depending on your role.
Consumer Service Portal homepage
Table 1. Consumer Service Portal homepage
No. UI component Description
1 Get help menu Click Get Help to open a product or order case.
2 Support menu Navigate to cases, orders, my products, and other quick links.
3 Tours View a tour for additional guidance on how the Customer Service Management application works. Tours appear when your administrator creates them on certain pages.
4 Live Chat Click Live Chat to chat with a virtual agent or a customer service agent.
5 Profile menu Click your profile photo to either view your profile or logout.
6 Search Enter a search term and click Search to view the search results.
7 Knowledge Click Knowledge to search the knowledge base or view a list of top-rated or most viewed knowledge base articles.
8 Ask the Community Click Ask the Community to access the Community homepage.
9 Get help Click Get help to make a request or report a problem by opening a case.
10 Most viewed articles View a list of most viewed articles.
11 Recent Discussion Topics View a list of which products were affected.
12 Popular Support Questions View a list of popular support questions.

Customizing the Consumer Service Portal

To customize this portal, navigate to Service Portal > Portals and click Consumer Service Portal. See Service Portal for more information about creating a custom interface.