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Customer Service case management

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Customer Service case management

External customers can reach out to your organization for assistance. Customer service agents receive these communications and work with customers to answer questions and resolve issues, creating cases as needed.

Customer Service cases
The case is the primary entity of the Customer Service Management application. An agent creates a new case to identify a customer's question or issue and to track the activities related to resolving the issue. An agent also uses a case to track communication to and from the customer, including the communication channels being used.
Case activities
Case activities include any action that is taken to resolve an issue. This can include phone calls or emails, knowledge base research, conversations with subject matter experts, and dispatch requests to field service agents, as well as other activities.
Case form
From the Case form, an agent can associate and store the related information, such as the customer's name, phone number, and company; account information; product and asset information; service contract and entitlement details, and any associated service level agreements (SLAs).
There are several key features to a case.
  • Communication between an agent and the customer or an agent and other employees within the organization. Details of all internal and external communication are recorded on the Case form.
  • Any additional tasks that result from a case, such as a work order. Tasks are tracked from a related list on the Case form. These tasks may be internal to the organization or they may involve the customer.
  • Information from the case that can be included in the knowledge base and used to help resolve other cases.

Case routing

The Customer Service Management application enables you to route cases to available customer service agents with the necessary skill sets. Agents can make use of response templates and search tools to search the knowledge base and community and provide timely, informative responses to customers.

Customer Service homepage

The Service Manager homepage provides reports and analytics on customer service case data. Using a combination of platform reporting capabilities and the Performance Analytics tool, these reports enable you to drill down and sort or view data in a variety of ways.

Using guided setup to implement Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management guided setup provides a sequence of tasks that help you to configure Customer Service Management on your ServiceNow instance. To open Customer Service Management guided setup, navigate to Customer Service > Administration > Guided Setup. For more information about using the guided setup interface, see Using guided setup.