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Agent intelligence for case management

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Agent intelligence for case management

Assist users with case creation by requesting a minimum of information, such as the product and short description, and automatically determining the category, priority, and assignment group.

Contacts, consumers, and agents can create cases by providing just the short description. Based on that, the Agent Intelligence feature predicts the category, priority, and assignment group, and routes the case to the correct queue.
Note: If a contact or consumer provides information for the category, priority, or assignment group when creating a case, the prediction skips these fields.

Customer service admins and agents can set the catgory, priority, and assignment group for cases where Agent Intelligence has skipped prediction.

To use Agent Intelligence with Customer Service Management:
  • Activate the Agent Intelligence plugin (com.glide.platform_ml)
  • Enable the ML prediction for case property: Enable/Disable the prediction for case (
Agent Intelligence includes solution definitions for Customer Service Management:
  • CSM Case Categorization
  • CSM Case Assignment
  • CSM Case Prioritization

Agent Intelligence also includes business rules for Customer Service Management.