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Edit your community profile display settings

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Edit your community profile display settings

Edit your display settings to determine who can view each profile section.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.community_user, sn_communities.admin or sn_communities.moderation_admin

About this task

You can edit your own display settings for your community profile. If a community administrator finds inappropriate content on your profile, they can edit your display settings to hide the content from the community until it is corrected.


  1. On the community homepage, click the Community menu and then click Community Profile.
  2. Click the ... icon and then click Display Settings.
  3. Open the choice lists and select display settings for any section.
  4. Choose the privacy level to apply.
    Table 1. Privacy levels
    Privacy level Description
    Everyone Visible to all users, including non-logged in users.
    Only me Visible to yourself and administrators.

    If an administrator finds inappropriate content on your profile, the administrator can change the display settings to Only me until the content is modified.

    You receive an email notification detailing the display settings that were modified for which sections.

    Update the content and adjust the display settings accordingly.

    Everyone after logging in Visible to all users who access the community after logging in.
    Followers Visible to users who are following your profile.
  5. Click Save Settings.